This game is fantastic, I actually cannot believe that this is for free, but you can make a donation to the creator. Even though I did not go super far, I enjoy the graphics, mechanics, and mini jumpscares in this game. Too bad the cats had to interupt it with their rough housing, I’m sorry about that.

I am starting alpaca commissions for just one dollar. But as my request, please do not ask for anything sexual, gory, or shippings, I’m not comfortable with thoses.

Pocket Paca Information:
$6 – Paca
$3 – Smaller Paca
$15 – Shipping
$1 will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital from each purchase

After one month of thinking about it, I’ve decided to tempormently discontinue Fanpacas. The reason for this is because I feel that this is a bit of a big step to have every month on a small channel such as my own. I haven’t been getting as much entries as I did when I started Fanpacas. Also as much as I love kawaii alpacas, I don’t really want to milk it as much as I did last year. No worries, they are still an extremely important element of my channel. I will continue Fanpacas once I feel I’m ready to. I truly and deeply apologize. I hope you guys will understand. I love my Alpaca Band Wagon!
I’ll still keep the rules up in case I decide to continue Fanpacas sooner than planned.
The rules for the Fanpacas:
1. Do NOT steal art, you must draw it yourself.
2. Do not photoshop two pictures together.
3. On Twitter use #Fanpaca or #Fanpacas.
4. No more than two entries per month.
5. No troll entries please.

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I do NOT own Blood Bath Bay, all rights go to Suits n’ Nukes.
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Art with Logo By @morrell_tia
Outro Music: Tobu Colors Beatwave Remix – Spectre
Original Version: Colors – Tobu

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