Episode 17: Crazy Cats at Night! Puko is a Dutch Cat and always full of Shenanigans! He is a CRAZY cat doing crazy cat things! All caught on our Ring Camera! Cat swats, Cat play, Cat fun and of course Puko has a secret Cat Fight Club! Puko the Ring Cat with all the night cat fun and night cat action! Whether it is tree jumping, mouse hunting or just cat fun with his pals, Puko is full force REAL CAT ACTION! With all his friends Puko has a secret cat FIGHT CLUB. All are welcome as long as they follow the #1 RULE of Puko’s Fight Club! Watch all the cat fun to see Puko unveil his Master Puko Ninja Moves on Boot! And Donker gets a few Rights and Lefts from Puko’s Golden Paws! Watch the secret lives of cats in Amsterdam!
The cats get pretty feisty! We added in a Ring Stick-UP Camera to give a close up look of Puko TRYING to defend his tree! Here is just a short 3:30 min look into Puko’s Summer Night! #RINGCAMERA #CATSATNIGHT #PUKOSPORCH

Watch what cats do at night! A sneak into the secret life of cats! Real Amsterdam Cat Action! Puko and Boot have a bit of cat play together and Puko shows his leaping skills! Donker is welcomed into Puko’s CAT Fight Club with a few swats and slaps! Every night these cats come by with their antics! CRAZY Cat Fun and CRAZY CAT Games! CRAZY Cat pouncing, Cat swats, cat fight, cat jumps a bit of everything!

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In Case you wonder security camera is Ring Floodlight Security Camera. I am not paid by them!🤣 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSDG3M0e2mGX9_qtHEtzj2Q
All Puko’s edited episodes are in one playlist watch all starting at the beginning! Puko’s Porch Edits: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5t0pffacC-5SPZWVb1UxgU4BPcyXrLJq
Episode 1-Meet Puko: https://youtu.be/kNV0Ud76CVw

Want to see the complete unedited Ring footage of what these cats are up to with the sounds of Amsterdam and sounds of cat calls in the background? Have the volume up on these and check out the timestamps to see what time all the action happens!⏰ Watch the 1 minute unedited clips from our Ring Floodlight Camera on the Unedited Playlist. Include are shoutouts to our Puko’s Porch Family!
Puko’s Porch Unedited Ring Clips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5t0pffacC-5bJT1bf9Cg850b4TWKACdO

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