Cats will be cats, and this is especially true when it’s cats getting those paws dirty with their mischievous behavior. For any cat owner, you know exactly what it means when we say cat crazy. And there are certain cat breeds, like Bengals, who are more mischievous than others! Knocking things over with their paws, ripping curtains to shreds, the list is endless really.

On June 20, 2010, Allstate introduced us to Mayhem, played by seasoned Hollywood actor Dean Winters. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for almost a decade, surely you’ve seen one or even all of the few dozen commercials that have aired. Mayhem wreaks, well, mayhem, as he’s appropriately named, hilariously yet dramatically explaining the possible what-if’s that can go wrong when all goes wrong.

And now it seems, Mayhem is putting his acting chops to purrfectly good use by convincing us watchers of what can go wrong when cats wreak mayhem on your home.

We thought this was purrfection! From riding the Roomba to flooding the bathroom, you can agree naughty kitties can certainly wreak havoc on your home—mayhem style! And one this is fur certain, crazy cats sure are fun to watch!

“You think this is love? This is a billion years of tiger DNA just ready to pounce.”
Share this funny commercial with anyone you know who loves cats or is a fan of the Mayhem Allstate commercials. There are so many hilarious little feline antics in this one, surely they’ll get a few good laughs—I know I did!

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