Let’s face it most of us are either a dog or a cat person. If you’re a fan of feline friends then your favourite character in Secret Life Of Pets is probably going to be Chloe.   And what’s not to love? She’s sassy, she’s confident and she can manipulate her owner in that unique way that only cats can. To celebrate the release of the hotly-anticipated sequel, The Secret Life of Pets 2 in cinemas now, we’re celebrating everything that is fabulous about our feline friends.   So read on to find out 10 reasons why Australia loves all things cat.  1) Stylish cat looks     Unlike dogs who seem pleased to be dressed up in any old outfit, cats tend to be a little less enthusiastic when it comes to fancy dress. In fact, despite the surge in popularity of ‘cat clothes’ and accessories, often these little lions appear extremely unimpressed when their owners dress them up. How frustrated does Catrick Swayze look about his long locks? Sass level: 1000.  Super stylish! Catrick Swayze looks distinctly unimpressed with her new hairstyle   2) They’re sassy and they know it  Unlike dogs, cats know exactly what they want and aren’t ashamed to go get it, no matter the cost to others. There’s plenty of times where Chloe proves she’s as sass as they come in The Secret Life of Pets 2, and we love her all the more for it. Check out the attitude on Bella in the snap below. She’s kicked Serge the dog out of his own bed and we don’t see a hint of remorse or regret on her face. You go girl!  What you looking at? Bella the cat has no remorse about kicking Serge out of his own bed   3) Crazy cat peopleIf you’re a cat person you’re completely and utterly obsessed with your feline friend. So much so that you’ll shower them with gifts, love and affection regardless of how much or little they’ll give you in return. There are lots of famous crazy cat people – take Taylor Swift for instance – she’s always posting about her adorable kittens Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey and new addition Benjamin Button. Tay Tay even took her two of felines backstage to the Billboard awards earlier this month.  Celeb cat crazy! Taylor Swift took her feline friends backstage at the Billboard awards, sureNon-celebs are just as obsessed with their furry friends. Take this crazy cat person who has a framed picture of their little furry darling and took a picture of their pet in front of the pic. Cat crazy and we love it. Obsessed: This cat owner likes to take pictures of their feline in front of a framed picture… of the cat4) Cats have the best names Forget boring old dog terms like Rex or Rusty, cat names are the best. We’ve already seen Catrick Swayze (above) but check out Sushi Holder – a super cute cat that resides in Paddington.  Take away: This is Sushi Holder and the name is deliciously brilliant Zoë Foster Blake and hubby Hamish Blake are parents to Meowbert. Has there ever been a better cat name in the history of cat names? We think not. There’s plenty of creative cat names belo